Lace Wedding Invitations

Whether designing your own lace wedding invitations or making them for friends and family, creating wedding invitations with lace is a rewarding pastime. This article demonstrates a number of different options when making wedding invitations with lace. Whatever you choose will be certain to impress!

What Makes Lace Wedding Invitations Unique?

Lace wedding invitations are unique to each individual wedding. With the increase in home-made unique wedding invitations lace themed or otherwise, offering something a little special based around lace, will make the wedding guest envious.  There are a number of different styles of lace invitations to consider. For a modern, contemporary wedding you can chose from invitations using lace patterns in bold fresh colours. For a more traditional wedding you could have vintage lace wedding invitations using soft colours and old fashioned lace designs.

How to Make Lace Wedding Invitations

If you chose to make your own invitations you will need a few tools before you begin.

  • Card ( in the chosen colour theme)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Selection of lace, material, lace ribbon, lace stencil or lace style decorations
  • Ribbon if required

After selecting the style of card you can easily decorate it with either pieces of lace fabric, or lace ribbon in small patterns, or over the whole front of the invitation. You can layer the lace for added effect, or maybe use one piece cut the same size as the front of the card. Use ribbon in a plain colour to finish off as a border at the bottom, or top, or across the middle.

Lace designed stencils are a great idea, and can be purchased in any craft store. Use craft paint to paint inside the stencil to get a real authentic lace effect.

Lace style decorations can be placed and glued on the card of your choice to create a unique design finished off with jewels, and glitter and even a lace bow.

Have a look on the internet, and in craft magazines to get ideas for decorating your lace wedding invitations in your own special style. You can make each one different or chose a simple style and produce them all as matching.

Where to Buy Lace Wedding Invitations

If you decide to buy the invitations rather than make them yourself, there are a number of retailers where you will find a good selection of cheap wedding invitations in lace. There are dedicated wedding stores online offering a good range. You can personalise your invitations and they will be delivered to your door, ready to send!

The high street stationers also stock a good range of invitations, and will have a choice of lace themed designs. If you chose pre-packed invitations you will also have to write them up yourself. You can use a gold or silver pen to complete the classy look.

As well as in dedicated stationary stores, you can choose to go to a printer and have the invitations made up and printed for you. A printer will show you a range of styles and you can select from lace themed artwork for the front and inside of the invitation. They will also print the wording of your choice on the inside.