Wedding Checklist

The big day has been set up, you have already sent all the invitations, and everything is going on its way to be ready for the most beautiful day of your life. But if you are still panicking for something to go wrong you have to make a comprehensive and exhaustive wedding checklist that will help you to frame what has to be done and in which time.

Wedding Checklist

Here is a quick guide on how to create the ultimate wedding checklist that will accompany you down the aisle.

· Within the year or at least six months before the wedding

You should start making the big picture of the wedding by listing the fundamental steps that have to be taken:

  • Making a public announcement for the engagement
  • Choose a date and time
  • Decide whether the ceremony will take place, in a church or at the city hall or any other place you prefer
  • Ordering a wedding dress
  • Look for a theme for the wedding
  • Start considering some options for the various locations: for the ceremony, banquet, services (catering, music, photographer, and florist), transport and honeymoon.
  • Selecting where to go for the wedding party

· At 6 months before the wedding or at least 90 days in advance

Your wedding checklist has to select several details for the major highlights of the wedding day.

  • Go and pick up the wedding rings
  • The groom has to choose a suit
  • The bride-to-be has to try on the wedding gown for future adjustments
  • Both the groom and the bride have to choose the wedding cake
  • Some rehearsals have to be set up for the wedding party, including location and positions of the attendants
  • Have a definitive idea on the honeymoon destination, board and lodging included.

· Within the period of 90 days before the wedding,

This is time to check what has been accomplished so far and to add the final touches.

  • Take the confirmations from the guests and make the definitive guest list, and send the invitations accordingly.
  • Confirm the music service and the play list for the wedding party.
  • Give the ok to the florist, photographer, and for the wedding cake
  • Set an initial appointment with a hair stylist and a makeup artist for the bride

· One month left

All the major concerns have been arranged, it is time for the last check on your wedding checklist.

  • Make the last confirmation for every service involved.
  • Set up a final meeting for the gown fitting.
  • Choose the hair style you like and make up as well.
  • Check if the wedding party doesn’t need any more guidance on how to prepare the tables and decorations.
  • Start writing thank-you notes for all the guests that will participate.

· Two weeks before the wedding

Your wedding checklist should follow up with some papers to work on.

  • Obtain a marriage license.
  • Publish your wedding date in local newspaper.
  • Get a confirmation from the transportation service from the ceremony to the party.
  • Set up a ceremony program.

Once you’ve managed to follow these wedding checklist or a variation thereof, then there’s very little possibility that anything can go wrong. This way, the only thing you need to do on the wedding day itself is to enjoy and savor the moment.